Restorative Leave In Conditioner  8 OZ Spray Bottle

Restorative Leave In Conditioner 8 OZ Spray Bottle

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Protecting hair from sun, heat, and chemical damage is an all-day job, but that’s for us to handle. Our leave-in serum offers all-day pH balance, making sure each cuticle strand stays smooth and less in danger of frizz and fading, while defining your natural texture. This is the last step before you’re out the door with frizz-free, healthy, strong hair.

You spend a lot of time and money to get the hair you want – we want to help you keep it that way. Our lightweight serum replaces the need for conditioner, which tends to add weight and drag down hair, anyway. This ultimate frizz fighter locks in pH balanced hydration to protect each strand from environmental aggressors like air pollution, heat, and humidity – and it lasts all day.
With a blend of plant-derived hemisqualane and botanical oils, our Leave-In Serum will help your hair stay strong and smooth, while keeping your color eye-catching and vibrant.